Portable GMDSS radios for maritime safety are available.

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GMDSS stands for Global Maritime Trouble and Safety System, and it is a collection of safety procedures, kinds of equipment, and communication protocols that all countries have agreed upon to improve safety and make it simpler to rescue ships, boats, and planes that are in distress. The gmdss portable radio is a global network of automated emergency communications equipment for ships at sea. This radio has many benefits and features for the people regarding sending signals or any communication while at sea.

Portable Radios for the Global Positioning System (GPS)

With the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS), commonly known as GMDSS, adopted by several maritime countries across the globe, including Singapore, a search and rescue radio system for ships has been developed implemented worldwide. In addition to replacing the previous, mainly Morse code-dependent ship-to-ship distress communications system, the GMDSS is an automated ship-to-shore distress communications system that utilizes selective digital and satellite technologies. A portable GMDSS radio is an absolute must-have on every ship in order to guarantee the safety of both passengers and crew members.

gmdss portable radio

There is a difference in the equipment needed by ships depending on the sea region in which they operate — ships traveling to the high seas will require more communications equipment than ships that stay within reach of certain shore-based radio stations. In addition to providing for the transmission of distress signals, the GMDSS also facilitates the distribution of general maritime safety information (such as navigational and meteorological warnings and urgent information to ships).

In the marine electronics industry, Allied eparts is the primary authorized distributor for top brands such as Entel and Jotron. They offer a wide range of GMDSS portable radios and gadgets, including the MED-certified Entel HT649 GMDSS VHF Portable Radio, one of the most popular models. This fundamentally safe, commercial-grade radio is equipped with a comprehensive feature set and provides excellent audio quality regardless of the operating environment. The GMDSS radios include user-friendly designs and interfaces, excellent sound quality, and portable and small designs for increased comfort and dependability in unpredictable circumstances out at sea, as well as superior sound quality.


The primary goal of the Global Marine Trouble and Safety System (GMDSS) is to offer a complete communication system for search and rescue activities, such as the ability for boats in distress to send warning signals to indicate that they need help. These signals send out a warning to authorities on the mainland.

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