register as a volunteer online

Nowadays, a lot of food resources are getting depleted and wasted. We require food to get the energy to keep up with our daily activities. If we do not get food we get very weak resulting in the dysfunction of our immune system which in turn makes us sick.

A lot of people do not get enough food for days, because they cannot afford it. Many organizations such as NGO’s are working hard to provide free food and some financial support for them. You can also register as a volunteer online for the various programs made available online.

What are the different types of volunteer ships available?

There are no strict rules, neither any selection, for the volunteers. You can take up the volunteers under the following categories.

  • An individual volunteer

You can register as an individual volunteer wherein all the volunteers would work individually to collect the packages and delivering them to the charity houses.

register as a volunteer online

  • A corporate volunteer and school volunteer.

A corporate volunteer is a group of volunteers who help the charity with funds and share useful assets and knowledge in the financial field. Fron school small amount of funds are collected through teachers and parents only if they volunteer.

  • Service provider or a food donor.

If you have anything to share or donate and can afford to do it for free, then you can be a food donor. Also, if you can provide services like delivery, collection or packing services, then you can enrol as a service provider.

What are the requirements for becoming a volunteer?

Though there are no restrictions, there are certain things or services that you should possess or have an access to register as a volunteer online. You must have a vehicle and you must be age 16 years or above. For becoming an individual volunteer you must have access to a vehicle to collect and deliver the packages from premises to the designated location.

To be a corporate or school volunteer there is no requirement to be a fundraiser, but to be a warehouse logistics management there is a need for a group of 10 to 15 members. There are also not many requirements for a food donor or a service provider.

You can write your Postal code, and address. Name, phone number and email are mandatory to contact you to give you further details. The address is recommended for understanding feasibility and distance.