When talking about shipping containers, everyone has the specifications needed. It depends on the quantity and sizes of products to transport. Thus, custom SCF containers are made for every customer’s requirements and needs. If you are a customer looking for a kind of shipping container that fits your specifications, check out the capacity of a shipping container before renting or buying.

The SCF shipping containers logistics

  • Flat rack container. A container used for transporting irregular freight is not fitted to the standard container. Cargo such as:
  • Steel
  • Vehicles
  • Machinery
  • Generators

These are heavy freights that need a durable and reliable container that can transport long distances. Also, the container can keep them safe and secure while shipping. The guarantee of arriving safe and with no damage is 100%.

  • ISO Food Grade Cleaning in Place tank. A temperature-controlled insulate tank series is used for proprietary technology, delivering temperature-controlled cargo without an external refrigeration source.
  • ISO liquid tank. A container is built to ISO standards, suitable for intermodal transport, non-hazardous materials, and storage of hazardous materials.
  • ISO pneumatic tank. The container provides industry-leading discharge time. It has minimal operator interaction. The high-performing discharge system of the container is the ground for all ISO powder tanks.
  • ISO side discharge tank. The full occupational safety and health compliance sets the side discharge tank apart. The operator remains on the ground to either discharge the unit or ground load.
  • Skel trailer. A container that doesn’t change any freight requirements. It has a complete range of container equipment types. The SFC container plus Skel combination provides a cost-effective solution for a quick add fleet flexibility and capacity.

With many shipping businesses soaring nowadays, you can choose from the different types of containers available. You may have different specifications and needs for a container. So, you have to check the container if it can cater to your needs, or else, you can pick the wrong choice.

Which shipping container do you need?

Shipping containers are designed for transporting goods across open oceans. These are features of the SFC container:

  • lightweight
  • strong
  • weatherproof
  • stackable

SFC containers are popular for furniture removalists. There are containers fit for transporting furniture. Transporting furniture is possible between two locations.

The 20ft shipping container

20ft shipping containers are popular today. The common onsite storage solution has good reason. So, if you are looking for a storage container, you should look for storage that fits your needs. Consider the products you are transporting, from the size and weight of the products, including the quantity; all should be specified when renting or buying a shipping container.

There are more sizes of shipping containers available in the market, from SFC shipping containers. Which shipping container do you need? You have the option to buy or rent a shipping container.