Things You Should Know About Voip Conference Call

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VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a way and a group of technology used to deliver voice communications and business sessions over Internet Protocol or IP networks commonly known as the Internet. VoIP was first introduced to the world on 1995 and was first started by VocalTec, the developer and distributor of the first internet phone for the people. A conference call should occur indoors in a quiet area with no interruptions. Inform the participants before it and also about the specific timing. At present, VoIP is referred to as IP Enabled Services. In this article, we will discuss voip conference call singapore.

How does VoIP work-

voip conference call singapore

In Voice over Internet Protocol, they turn analog audio signals, the signal used in phones, into digital signals compatible with the internet and send them to the internet provider. The digital signal sent to other internet users is similar to the work of a website. That sends complete information through the internet to the other caller.

How to get access to VoIP conference calls-

If using a VoIP phone-

  • Start your conference call by calling a participant from your VoIP phone.
  • If you are connected with the first person, press ‘confirm’ to add another person.
  • If you are the second caller or participant, then dial the number. Repeat this process for all the participants that need to be added to the conference call.
  • To invite a recent caller to join the conference call, select the caller and press ‘join.’
  • To keep conference calls on hold, press the ‘hold’ key.
  • To remove a participant from the conference call, move on to the conference list and press ‘remove.’
  • To end the call or to remove yourself from the conference call, press ‘end call’. At the same time, other participants will be on the call.

If you are using a cloud-based platform-

  • If you are using the internet for a VoIP conference call, you need to create an account in any of your preferred VoIP apps by adding your email id and password.
  • To do it, the host selects the option of a conference call by dialing the dial-in number or using the participants’ email by sharing the access code or an URL sent and the PIN of the host.
  • Now you can take the conference call and shift to video conferencing, chat, recording, and screen scaring.

The price of a standard VoIP plan starts from S$19 per month for one user. The price of a VoIP phone is between $138.12 to S$690.62


To conclude, through this method, you will be not only able to talk and chat but also see others through the option of video calling.

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