Decorate your HDB apartment in a clean and stylish manner

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When people think of contemporary interior design, they think of modern or minimalist designs. The contemporary hdb design, on the other hand, is distinguished from the different types by its ability to adapt to changing circumstances.Compare and contrast is something Singaporeans like doing; regarding foods, materials, houses are among many things that come out in any talk or a conversation. Houses are no exception to this rule. In addition to the many housing choices accessible, the fixed structure of the house may occasionally have an impact on the interior design of the home. Despite this, your HDB is capable of maintaining a perfect appearance.

Features of contemporary designs

Even though this fashion style is concerned with keeping up with the latest fashions and changing with the times, some of its features are as follows:

  • The use of geometric forms
  • The usage of straight and curved lines is a common occurrence.
  • A combination of dark and earthy tones
  • A sprinkling of vivid colors here and there
  • The use of available space

When the wall paint is applied, it creates a patch effect that softens the harsh edges of the solid black frames and structural beams in the home. In a similar vein, the custom-made shoe cabinet that lines the entryway

contemporary hdb design

is intended to be pleasing to the sight. The tall full-height bespoke cabinet and settee are subdued in their use of a clever blend of muted wood textures and white, creating a self-effacing effect. The thin black vertical grooves running along the pinewood paneling above the sofa are meant to resemble the sturdy black window frames in the house below.

In creating an interior space, it is always essential to pay attention to the little details. A great deal of effort has gone into the design of this area, which has been designed to be family-friendly. You will have a great sense of belonging and coziness in this place.

A half-height partition connects the study and the open concept living area in the living room. Incorporating a glass window into the study area makes it possible to extend the living space without sacrificing the necessary quiet.A functional but bold and contemporary style is the ideal canvas for displaying art and statement items while maintaining a utilitarian feel.


If you want to make your house stand out from the crowd, start with abit of detail. Walls and doors may be decorated with themed stickers, and shelving can be made of see-through panels. You’ll notice a significant change in the looks.

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