Here’s All You Need To Know About Disposable Contact Lens Singapore

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Contact lenses are a blessing indeed for those who had spectacles perched all the time on their noses. However, the man has ever been an insatiable being to walk upon the face of the earth! While swinging the contact lenses, the struggle of keeping them hale, drowning them in solutions, and cleaning them blow one’s fuse. Nonetheless, advanced technology proudly proffers another intelligent solution in disposable contact lens singapore. These rescue the person from the cleaning nuisance instead of delivering convenience and safety to the eyes.

What are disposable contact lenses?

Disposable contact lenses are meant to be discarded after wearing them for a certain period. Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and quarterly disposable contact lenses are available in different brands. Of these options, daily disposable contact lenses are becoming the favourite, and most suggested alternative by eye experts. The reason is the convenience and safety in using them. Daily disposable contact lenses are meant to be used throughout the day and disposed of before sleeping. Unlike weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly contacts, you do not have to spare hours to dedicate to their washing and storing process.

Why should you throw away your contact lenses?

Human tears contain protein, lipids, and calcium which can accumulate on the contact lenses over time, resulting in irritation or infection. Thus, doctors recommend frequent and proper cleaning of the contact lenses to avoid such a possibility. This also ensures the comfort and health of the eyes. Despite cleaning the lenses as advised and often, it is not always 100% neat and may still cause a build-up of hairspray or calcium. Therefore, you need to get rid of the contact lenses when you have used them through their validity period.

What is the cost of daily contact lenses?

You would think that daily disposable contact lenses must be pricey. However, they are not compared to the budget required to afford monthly or quarterly contact lenses and a zillion solutions for their upkeep. Further, with daily disposable contact lens singapore, you dodge the risks of catching the pink eye, cornea infections, or conjunctivitis and confront the hospital bills since they are safer. Although you would not have to buy monthly or bi-weekly contact lenses for a long time, it makes you prone to eye contaminations. Further, consider discussing with a physician before you take any step in getting contact lenses.

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