What Are The Benefits Of Using A Carton Box?

Were you aware of the fact that more or about 95% of the total products in India are shipped in carton boxes? Have you ever wondered why? This is because they are low in weight, cost, and easily available when compared to other packaging options. This article will further talk about the benefits of using a carton box.

    • Increased protection

A carton box is stronger than any average cardboard box. They tend to act as a soft cushion for any product packed inside them during handling and shipping. The cardboard size of such a box depends upon the thickness and size. It is designed to keep all the bacteria and moisture away from all the products packed within them; this particularly proves to be beneficial for a food item required to withstand high shipping times.

  • Easy customization

Carton packaging can be easily customized by a person. He can have his carton manufacturer especially design custom carton boxes for him according to the special requirements of his business.

  • Sustainability and cost-effectiveness

A carton box is one of the most inexpensive options available out there for packaging; neither do they require any costly equipment or tool for their manufacturing, nor do they require high costs of labor. Apart from this, a carton box can be easily recycled.

  • Perfect for branding

The carton material can be easily customized to help a person print his branding on them and increase his brand awareness. Custom branding is considered one of the perfect ways of impressing a customer as it looks professional. Along with this, a person can also give his carton boxes a personal touch that will indubitably earn the trust and loyalty of his customers while attracting them to him every time.

  • Biodegradability

Carton boxes are made up of around 70-100% recycled material which makes them one of the most eco-friendly packaging materials available in the market in this day and age. Carton boxes additionally are easy to dispose of, recycle, or re-purpose as most of their manufacturers refrain from using any dyes or bleaches.

  • Increased flexibility

A carton box can be manufactured in an array of sizes and can be triple, double, or single-walled to provide protection. A carton box can be used for packing various products; this makes it one of the most flexible options to choose from when it comes to easy and safe packaging.


You can see a carton box almost everywhere, so much that they have ended up becoming the perfect choice of packaging material today for a lot of industries and brands, especially the packaging industry.