What should be included in your emergency kit?

To be prepared for the worst is always important. Life gives you certain unexpected situations, but if we are ready to face them there is no problem. Preparing for an emergency by keeping a kit ready is advised. Make sure to include the below-mentioned items.

    • Food is one of the most essential components of your survival kit. When there is any extreme rain or power outage predicted you should make sure to keep stock of non-perishable food. You will not have any access to grocery stores. Due to a flood or any other natural calamity, you may be cut off from the rest of the city. This makes it necessary to keep food materials available for at least a few weeks. If rescue is available and you can evacuate, then the food may be made available at camps. But still, you should have stock of essential supplies for a few days. This is very important when it comes to food for children. When you have small kids at home, it is highly essential to have a stock of all their essential food items.

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  • Water comes in equal importance to food. Due to extreme weather conditions, the water you get may not be suitable for drinking. There are all possibilities for contamination. Consuming such water can cause a lot of diseases. To be on the safer side, you should keep ready the stock of enough water cans considering the number of members of your family. You cannot expect delivery of cans if roads are not motorable for a certain period.
  • Flashlights are another important part of your emergency kit. In case of an emergency where there is a total power outage, it is essential to find our way in the dark. This is helpful both indoors and outdoors. A moment of darkness can also leave us helpless as we need a source of light to move around, at least to find a candle! So, in all such cases, a flashlight becomes an important item. You have many varieties available. This is also used for rescuing people trapped in dark areas. Using a flashlight, you can send signals to the rescue team so that they can identify your presence. Modern LED flashlights have proved useful in many adverse situations like this. Hands-free flexible LED flashlights are also available that have a hazard light component. You can buy flashlights online since there are many choices available.
  • A first aid kit is also very much essential in your emergency kit. Make sure you look into it regularly and keep it ready for an emergency. In case you haven’t used it for long, there are chances that the medicines have crossed their expiry date. Make a list of the most needed medicines and stock the kit. Keep some bandages, sanitizer, and rubbing alcohol ready too.