How can you choose the best bean bag in your space?

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You will often see bean bags by Ivory &Deene in public and private spaces. Many people are using it because it is comfortable, simple, various styles, and you can move it around freely. When you love to have bean bags, you don’t know how to buy a bean bag. These are the things you can use when you like to buy them.

Know outside and inside bags

More people buy bean bags because of the rush of emotions compared to knowledge. But when you are interested in buying you have to know its essentials. First, you have to know what material is used inside the bean bag. When the outside bag is damaged, it will spill out on the floor. It would help if you bought a bean bag that has two sacks. The inside of the bag can be polystyrene beads, and the outer part has to be cleaned out.

The shape of the bag

When you choose the shape and size of the bean bag, it sometimes leads to more extended discussions. It will be simple because choosing a form will depend on your needs. However, it is better to buy a pear-shaped or the same shape when placed in different places. It is ideal to have a handle to move it around quickly. The bean bags are used mainly by children because it is soft and comfortable. The usual bean bags that people are buying are Tube, L-shaped. Lounge and seat. Those shaped bean bags are ideal for offices and living rooms. It also has two-seater bean bags.

bean bags by Ivory & Deene

The fabric of the bean bag

Sometimes, you forget to look and check the fabric from the outside. However, most buyers have their final option by looking at it or not directly to its appearance. It is mainly made from soft polyester and indoor or false leather, as these are the best for your outdoor and indoor spaces. You can only use artificial leather for those with pets in their home. It is easier to clean, and the hair is not sticking.


Putting the bean bags in your swimming pool area, yard, or terrace can be perfect. It is better to use waterproof bean bags, and it is a good view because the materials have a waterproof fabric. You can use the advice of the designers to use the space that doesn’t have any furniture. The bean bags are present in any area you have, but mostly it is comfortable, and many people like to spend their time sitting in the bean bag. Most of the bean bags are from solid fabrics such as filled with beads and elastic textile.


You have to ensure to know the filing of the bean bag. It can be filled using polystyrene foam, beads, or expanded polystyrene. The filing of the materials is crucial and heaviest because it can fade quickly. Ideally, you use EPS beads when deciding about the bean bag, ensure inflammably, and get the certificate.

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