Why Agencies Like H2 Maths Tution Thrive In Our Education System?

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We live in a country where the education system has been set up in such a way that students are graded and evaluated based on how much they are able to retain and not on the basis of what they have actually understood. Education system,  not only in our world, but across the globe in various countries has been set up in such a way that it only focuses on rote learning. This is a major reason why people who succeed in academics in schools and colleges are often advised to major in career options like a doctor, an engineer or a lawyer. But what about the kids who aren’t that bright and who are not able to perform well in academics. Subjects like mathematics and science do not come easily to kids, and that is a major reason why agencies like h2 maths tuition are called legal money minting machines.

What are the faults in the global education system and how can they be corrected?

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While at a glance you might think that each country has an education system that is unique to them. However that is not entirely true. While it is a fact that each educational system has details that are unique and subjective to each country and the kind of labour they wish to produce, yet one common fundamental in them all is the fact that at the very core of all these systems, lies the idea that higher grades mean a more intelligent and an overall better student. There are hardly any countries and their respective  educational systems which focus on the overall development of a student. There are various reasons why the personality development and character building is considered to be equally important as rote learning if not more. Among a few hundred reasons, the primary one is said to be the fact that most kids have a hidden entrepreneur in them. Focus on simply bookish knowledge and no exposure to any practical learning leads to the entrepreneurial skills of a child being subdued.

Since the beginning of time it has been said that each child is different and each child hosts different capabilities. Testing unique and individual kids on the basis of a standard test, especially one based on bookish knowledge is not only unfair to the students but also harmful to the overall progress of a society. While it is true that our education system has come a long way and become more inclusive, it is also true that it still has a long way to go.

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