Everything to know about the demanding black gold durian

You must be having a question in your mind, what is black gold durian? Is it in black or gold? If you have these questions in your mind, then stop thinking about them. You must have heard and tasted durian. If tasted, then you must be familiar with the bittersweet taste which it contains. You can find various types of durian in the market. Some of them are very much famous and demanded. One of the best varieties of durian is Mao Shan durian. It is very tasty and buttery. Black gold durian is said to be the one level high and premium of Moh durians.

How to identify them?

When it comes to identifying, it becomes difficult, especially for those who are not much familiar with durians. Every durian somehow looks nearly identical; there are some differences but identifying them is not that easy. Below are some of the things to check to see if it is black gold durian or not.

Black gold durian

  • Appearance: The appearance of these durians is a little bit different from others. This durian must be having a darker colour of green seams on the side of the hunks. If you notice these in the trees, it means that these trees are much older and mature.
  • Taste: The taste of these durians are very much different from others. When you taste this, you will be getting a whole different and unique flavour. In this, you can have coffee flavours, chocolate favours, and some more.
  • Availability: It is not that easy to get them like others. Other durians can be available in all seasons. You can find them in huge bulks, But the black durian is unique, and also the way of cultivation is different. You can get them in a particular season.

If you also have got bored of eating the same type of durian. Try out something new and something different. The black durians are the best and most preferable by everyone due to them so much flavour. Be it anything, and people get bored of doing the same thing again and again. It is very important to have some change. Whether in the food or any other. It applies to you also if you like durians. Try out some other crazy variety of durian and also make your friend and family taste it. Black one is very high in demand and can be purchased only in a particular season. Do not waste this moment and get your durians.