Home Diabetes Care: Singapore develops apps specialized for diabetes patients

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With disorders like diabetes becoming more and more common due to the influx of junk food into the daily diet of people nowadays, many have taken to attempt to take care of their diabetic habits and care on their own at home – especially due to the fact how the pandemic has led the hospital to be a wary place to be for many. In such a situation, the home diabetes care Singapore has developed through digital platforms and apps is a solution that many may find quite useful.

These said apps not only help track the diet of a person but also helps track and manage the blood sugar levels, counting the overall physical activities as well as the possible weight loss during the performance of such activities. These apps also help in maintaining an organised schedule of one’s medication time and regular check-ups with the doctor.

What is diabetes?

home diabetes care singapore

Diabetes is a physical disorder caused due to the excessive or lack of production of the hormone insulin that helps break down complex food into sugar for better consumption in our body. This can either be caused due to an auto-immune reaction that attacks and damages the cells that help produce and maintain insulin throughout the body (Type 1 Diabetes) or can be caused due to excessive consumption of complex food high in carbohydrates and cholesterols (Type 2 Diabetes).

Type 2 Diabetes is the most common type of diabetes among the general population and is usually caused due to obesity, lack of proper diet, poor physical health, high blood sugar levels, lack of exercise and often old age. In this type of diabetes, the body slows down the production of insulin from the pancreas, making the sugar level rise in the bloodstream to an unhealthy amount.

If left unchecked, both types of diabetes can cause serious health issues and even death by cardiac arrest as the worst possible outcome.

How to manage diabetes?

Since diabetes can be an inevitable disorder for many, it will be better to take care of one’s body as much as possible while there is time. For those who already suffer from Diabetes, it would be better to keep track of their diet and the food they consume while also tracking their weight and blood sugar level regularly.  The home diabetes care singapore has developed in the form of various digital apps can help in this endeavour a lot by helping to organise these developments and track them meticulously.

In the end, one’s body is the partner that may stay with them till their end; not taking proper care of it will only harm them only in the later run. Thus, it is better to be aware of such conditions and how to maintain ourselves to at least keep such instances low, if not prevent diabetes completely.

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