Bring Road Safety to the Next Level with RPM’s HighwayGuard Steel Barrier

Road safety must always be maintained and observed by all motorists. So everyone must follow the traffic rules. However, there are times when accidents happen even though we all follow the road rules. But to lessen these accidents, protective barriers are put in place to ensure that both road workers and drivers are safe. One such example is RPM’s highwayguard road barrier. With these road barriers, about 85% of road crashes were reduced. And HighwayGuard is one of the safest temporary road barriers. It’s portable, made of steel, and offers low deflection with fewer components.

If you’re wondering why these types of barriers are important, make sure to keep on reading below. We have curated a short list for you to understand its significance on the road.

Designed to Absorb Impact

HighwayGuard road barrier is made out of steel, and it’s portable. But that doesn’t mean it’s not as effective as concrete barriers. In fact, it’s the world’s safest portable road barrier, which can absorb an impact. Therefore, it can protect both the driver and anyone who uses the road barrier, such as workers and pedestrians. Overall, it brings an unrivalled level of protection with the highest rating among its competition. Who would have known that it’s better than concrete barriers? It’s the answer to all your safety puzzle questions, especially if you’re looking to ensure the safety of your workers and motorists.

highwayguard road barrier

Enhances Work Zone Safety

Let’s say you have a project that needs workers to be in the middle of the road. You’ll need some sort of protection to ensure there are no fatal crashes and that they won’t be run over by a vehicle. In cases like these, temporary road barriers are being used. Your workers can focus on the tasks at hand without intrusion, which means they feel safer, and you get the peace of mind you’re looking for. Plus, you get to decrease liability and damages if ever your workers get in an accident because you failed to give them proper safety barriers.

Key Features of the HighwayGuard Road Barrier

HighwayGuard road barrier is RMP’s most popular product available in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Hobart. It’s incredibly safe and made of steel which makes it effective in absorbing crashes. It has low deflection, lower transport costs, under barrier drainage, and is overall very flexible. Therefore, you can bring this portable road barrier for any of your projects. It’ll be easier to focus on your projects on the road without further problems. Moreover, it has a high rating. So you can ensure that thousands of other users are enjoying its capabilities on the road as it protects their workers, pedestrians, and motorists alike. It’s the best solution for all your road safety needs.