How to Enjoy the Best Custom WarGame Experience

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It’s been almost two years since we released WarGame, a custom war game built for VR. As we said at the time, we’re still impressed by the impact WarGame has had on the way people think about war and warfare. The game has come a long way in getting players to feel more invested in their battles, and it’s doing so in ways that are both fun and engaging. As a result, players have become even more passionate about the hobby, creating and sharing the war games that they can play with their friends.

To celebrate the release of WarGame Part II, we put together this article filled with tips and tricks to make the best custom war game experience. From preparing your data to streaming, these are all things we learned while making WarGame Part II. If you’re a budding nation builder or a seasoned battle tactician looking to take your skills to the next level, read on to learn how to enjoy the best custom war game experience.

How to Prepare for a War Game

The first thing you need to do before starting any war game is to prepare your data. The maps for WarGame are all loaded into the game client, but it’s still best to have the most up-to-date maps available in your favouritewargaming service and wargame training hong kong. You can download the WarGame map pack here, but we also have other tutorial videos on installing custom maps onto WarGame Part II here.

While preparing your maps, it’s also an excellent time to consider which countries you want to bring into the war. Check out our How To Play article if you need some help choosing a country and respond with which countries you want in your games below! Keep in mind that if you already have a server running, there will be conflicts between players using different map packs—rendering the possibility of tough cross-country battles impossible without communication. We recommend consulting with other players on how many players should be added per map pack for this not to happen.

Preparing the War Game Game Server

Once you’ve created your war game and have good cqb coaching hong kong, you can load the server. Keep in mind that if you have hundreds of map packs and players, this process may take a while. The size of your war game is based on the number of war games that have started since your last server restart. If there are less than 10 war games since previous reset, it’s best to start with 20 players per map pack. As the number of map packs increases, the game grows more quickly, making it challenging to play with 100-200 players at once.

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