Do Speaker Stands Make A Difference On The Sound?

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Some call them bookshelf speakers while others call speaker stands. But, it doesn’t mean that it is a good idea to put them all on one. Nobody can stop you from doing it, but it is your sound performance that is at stake. If you have just shelled out an important amount for the new speakers, it is a bad start for what should be an investment, to begin with.

Improving the sound performance of the speakers can be uneasy, but if you are aware of this, speaker stands can help. Addicted to Audio’s speaker stands  are the solution, specifically designed for bringing the best out of the speakers by the following functions:

  • Managing vibrations
  • Reducing early reflections
  • Ensuring the proper treble amount

Benefits of speaker stands

Speaker stands have several benefits and functions, these are namely:

  • Eliminate reflections. Using a speaker stand helps the device be placed on a standalone surface far from the other home appliances, such as TV. With the speaker stand, it helps speakers not be disturbed by some other appliances, and that causes early reflections. It can distort the sound image. It is why speakers must be far away from the walls and corners.

Addicted to Audio's speaker stands

Getting a speaker stands to help to have an added distance between the surfaces and speakers. Stands are helpful in low-frequency spaces. Speaker stands to provide a vital role to provide the optimal conditions to the speakers to perform their best.

  • Construction for separation. Stands work more than dealing with early reflections. It provides decoupling between the floor and the speakers, which is known as mechanical isolation. You have feet with rubber for wooden ones or spikes for solid floors at the bottom. The base plate manages vibrations. The large base plates with feet are more stable, harder for the speakers to fall.

Choose the right speaker stands

Choosing the appropriate speaker stand matters a lot. The loudspeaker can generate sound pressure, making wooden floors vibrate. Stands and platforms keep those vibrations back to the speaker, which is important to the speakers’ performance. But, it depends on the type of floor. If you have a solid floor, it eliminates vibration.

Meaning, check the specifications of the speaker stand before buying. You may pay attention here to prepare yourself for purchasing speaker stands. It is important to know the differences if you use rubber rings or spikes between the stand and floor. It is not an issue with the carpets on the solid floors.

The spikes need to spike the carpet and make contact with the floor. But, wooden floors have a trickier proposition. Using spikes helps go through the carpet and makes the wood vibrate.

All these are good and if you have speakers, it is good to prepare yourself from buying quality speaker stands.

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