Exercises You Can Do on a Treadmill

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People are more aware of the treadmill as a machine for running. But people recently have been using it for various exercises such as side shuffles, lunges, and other exercises that are often done in a gym. Indeed, based on interviews with personal trainers, there are many exercises that can be done on a treadmill that won’t break your neck and done without running. The following are some exercises that will make you buy one from many treadmills Australia firms.

Side Shuffles

This can be done to tone your outer and inner thighs and your calves while giving a great cardio. Just stand sideways on the treadmill and bend your knees a little while the speed is at 3 to 5.5 mph. Do fast and rapid side shuffles and land softly on your feet.

Walking Plank

The traditional plank is nothing compared to the walking plank. It works the front side of the shoulders and strengthens your stabilizers. The treadmill must be at 1 to 2 mph. Get into a plank position and your hands must be on the side of the treadmill base. Your body must be in a straight line from head to heels. Put your hands on the treadmill band and walk your hands forward as you do the exercise.

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Walking Lunges

It is pretty hard to do walking lunges in a gym because of limited space. By doing this on the treadmill, you address this concern and instead focus on the exercise while taking advantage of the leg-burning exercise. Exercises like this are one of the reasons why people buy from treadmills Australia manufacturers. All you have to do is stand with your feet hip-width apart and set the treadmill speed to 3mph. It must have an incline of 5 percent. Step your right leg forward and lower the body until the right knee is bent at an angle of 90 degrees. Then stand up and put your back foot forward for you to move forward. Alternate your legs with each step.

Crab Walk

Do the crab walk on a treadmill to work on your hamstrings, triceps, glutes, and your core like there’s no tomorrow. The treadmill must be at 1 to 2 mph. Walk behind the equipment and get into a crab position. Put your hands on the treadmill base facing away and with the back facing toward the ground. The feet must be flat on the floor and the hips elevated. Put your hands on the belt and walk with your hands forward.

Low Side Shuffles

This will work on your side butt, which is rarely worked on. Stand sideways on the machine and do a quarter-squat position. Set the treadmill at 1 to 2 mph. While in the quarter-squat position, using your closest leg step toward the front of the treadmill and let your opposite leg follow suit. Then switch sides.

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