Capturing Moments, Answers, & Testimonials with the Power of Vouch

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Forward-thinking businesses are thinking of ways to make their whole system more efficient. One way to do this is through Vouch, a platform you can use to create videos for your company. Apart from that, your employees can use it too to make explaining easier for them. You can integrate Vouch on different platforms, making your whole organisation effective with the seamless video capturing service. Overall, you can make your operation authentic and simple with zero production costs! What are you waiting for? Get Vouch for your business, and watch how it can change your systems for the better. Let’s learn more here.

Personalized Videos are the Answer

Are you talking to a potential candidate for a position you just opened? Do you want to get to know your clients and customers in a more sincere and honest way? Let Vouch do the rest for you. Here, you can send a request for a personalised brief, where they can record themselves while answering your questions. And you can already add the questions beforehand so that they can answer them right away without any restrictions. Sending out a video request is extremely easy, and it will only take a few seconds!

Record Short Videos

An Easy Way to Record Short Videos

Once you have sent your recipients the link, they can easily record a video through their browser. Aside from that, there will be a short guide that can help them understand how to take a video. Plus, they can do it whenever they please! So you can always expect your recipients to send you high-quality videos that you can easily store in the cloud. The end goal is to receive authentic videos that you can share with just a simple click, or embed right away. It’s simple and will be your go-to when it comes to video sharing!

Enjoy the Customizations

If you get the right package, such as the Pro package, you can enjoy the seamless customization to enhance your brand. That means you can add your brand logo, brand colours, and more for a more customizable recording and sharing experience. Aside from that, you can get custom subdomains, where you can host the Vouch video recording and playback experience easily. All of these and more are available on top of the free features, such as unlimited video collection, up to five user seats, and instant sharing and embeds! With Vouch, the fun of video sharing and taking never stops.

Make your video sharing experience better and seamless with just a simple click of a button. Let Vouch guide your business to become more organised with their amazing platform that’s dedicated to nothing but video taking and sharing across the world with millions of recipients.