Protect Individual Computers From Data Leakage And Threat

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When speaking of a computer system, there are a lot of threats in it, like in the real world. If there are crimes in the real world, also cyber crimes exist in the online world. So, it is essential that a business using a computer should protect the system to keep data and some other crucial files protected. To keep these threats from happening to your computer system, you must use a hardware firewall.

What is a hardware firewall?

It is a physical device the same as a server, filtering traffic to a computer. The device is connected to the firewall, instead of plugging into the network cable to the server. The firewall is positioned between the computer and the uplink. The powerful tool uses powerful networking components (software and hardware) and forces all traffic to traverse the connection. It is to be inspected by configurable rulesets granting or denying access accordingly.

Computer users can tell a story about getting blocked by a firewall. These firewalls can be in the form of a software firewall that runs on a personal workstation or laptop. The function is modest. It inspects traffic, enters and leaves the computer, and allows or denies that traffic.

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Three types of firewall

There are three types of firewall, namely:

  • Software firewalls
  • Hardware firewalls
  • Combined of both firewalls

Each type of firewall has different functions but has the same purpose. A network firewall security device is used to mitigate or stop unauthorized access to PN or private networks connected to the Internet, especially intranets. The mere traffic allowed on the network is described through firewall policies. Any other traffic that attempts to access the network will be blocked.

Network firewalls will position at the front line of the network that acts as a communications liaison between external and internal devices. A network firewall is configured for any data entering or exiting that has to pass through it. It accomplishes this process by checking each incoming message and rejecting those failing to meet the defined security criteria.

When it is properly configured, the firewall will allow users to access any resources they need while preventing the following:

  • Unwanted users
  • Hackers
  • Viruses
  • Worms
  • Malicious programs

If a computer has no firewalls, any network service currently running on that device becomes accessible to the outside virtual world. A computer network connected to the internet is potentially at risk for possible attacks. Networks become vulnerable to any malicious attack.

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