Tips For Finding The Best Singapore International Secondary School

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Singaporeans are friendly, refined, orderly, and multicultural. It is worth mentioning that Singaporean culture is something of a mix of Eastern and Western influences, which can be seen in the various monuments, festivals, arts, and culture around the city. International schools here are generally a good choice for expatriates interested in a Singapore education for their children since they offer an education based on the national curriculum and the best aspects of international education, especially those from North America. The majority go on to study mathematics, science, or engineering in top universities around the world.

The best international schools in Singapore have a very wide range of curricula and athletics programs. Some have extremely competitive entrance exams, and others have none at all. However, in all cases, if you live here, your kids will have access to a top-class education. Wherever you choose to send them, it’s highly unlikely that they will regret the move when they get older.

Types of international schools in Singapore

What sets the singapore international secondary school apart is that they’re not under any standardized system, like the International Baccalaureate (IB) or Singapore’s national examination. They hire their teachers and set their curriculum too. This means that each institution offers a different product and allows you to customize your time at school with an education suited to your needs.

Singapore International Secondary School

A common misconception about international schools is that they’re composed of Western, international students. On the contrary, most schools aim to get a good mix of Singaporean and overseas students, and thus you’ll often find yourself studying alongside others from across the globe. Being in such an internationally-minded environment is a valuable opportunity for both learning and friendship building.

Benefits of studying from Singapore international school

As far as international schools are concerned, Singapore likely has the highest density of schools worldwide. To top it all, they are very diverse in their nature, environment, and ambiance. As an education hub boasting easy access to curious minds from around the globe, singapore international secondary schools are constantly coming up with newer ideas to cater to their needs.

Singapore schools for expatriates are independent schools with admission based on qualification standards; whether you are an expatriate or not, if you meet the school’s requirements, then you can send your child there. Many people believe that international schools are only for ex-pats and wealthy Singaporeans – this is not true.


There are tons of international schools in Singapore, with a huge selection of nationalities represented. It may be tempting to pick the school most similar to your home country, but I don’t it’s well worth shopping around for you or your child’s education. The value of an international education can’t be underestimated.

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